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Rehabilitation Gym

The gym has been designed with specific exercise rehabilitation training in mind.

Bryan, whom has recently graduated with a BHS in Massage and NMT, will apply his experience in strength & conditioning, fitness, weight loss and soft-tissue rehabilitation techniques to enhance your individualised massage therapy treatment plan.
Specific techniques will be explained, demonstrated & progress monitored by one-on-one training programs with Bryan, enabling you to achieve a safe & speedy recovery whether from acute &/or chronic injury, chronic pathology, or return to a more active life after a period of inactivity, due to surgery, illness or circumstances.

Our experienced team will design an exercise program focused around your goals & monitor your progress before advising a safe return to your gym, personal trainer or coach to resume your chosen sport. Alternatively, they will offer advice to you on ideal methods or establishments suitable to your starting or returning to the gym or exercise. Ask your therapist about one-on-one training sessions in the gym with Brad.

Also offering video gait analysis - where your therapist will video your gait (walking) pattern to determine imbalances or dysfunction in the foot, ankle, knee & pelvic movements related to walking or running.

You will be shown your current gait pattern & and your therapist will explain whether a dysfunction present may relate to your particular case.

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3121 Great North Road, New Lynn, West Auckland.

ph: +64 9 826 5516
fax: +64 9 826 5519

Appointments available
Monday - Fri 9am - 8pm, Sat 9am - 6pm
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays
Advanced booking is advised but not essential