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Reuben Witehira
Bachelor of Science in Sport and Exercise Science
Completing Level 6 Diploma in Remedial Massage (end of 2021)
Level 4 Certificate in relaxation massage
Graduate of Wintec (Waikato Institute of Technology)

Profile – $100/60mins, $60/30 mins, $150/90 mins, $80/45 mins, Hot Stone- $140/60 mins

Reuben holds a certificate in relaxation massage, a degree in Sport and Exercise Science, and is completing his level 6 Remedial massage studies this year.

He is a caring empathetic, soft-hearted, soberminded therapist with over 20 years’ experience in relaxation massage. With clients ranging from teenagers to 80yrs plus, and everyday people to elite athletes.

Reuben has worked on a broad range of conditions with specific treatment options tailored to the needs of whomever he sees.

Reuben enjoys meeting new people and discovering the root cause, driving the need for massage treatment, often providing exercise and stretching techniques and strategies to bring a better result to massage treatments.
He draws on a background of over 20 years of exercise prescription for youth, elite team sports people, factory and office workers, and the frail ranging from one on one, to large teams.

As one who is continually seeking learning, he continues to grow in what he can deliver on the massage table, and the exercise training floor.
He enjoys time outdoors in nature, freediving, tank diving, as well as surfing.

His greatest passion and joy in life is in lifting others to greater heights and seeing them succeed.

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