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Sophie Hoogenboom
BSc Sport and Exercise Science and Physiology

Profile – $90/hr, $50/30 mins, $140/90 mins, $70/45 mins

I hold a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Sport and Exercise Science and Physiology from the University of Auckland, and I am currently completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Science, focussing on Movement Neuroscience with plans to finish a Masters degree. I am certified in Sports Massage and Advanced Sports Massage through Auckland University of Technology.

I am able to provide deep tissue massage, myofascial and soft tissue release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilisation and stretching
techniques, and advise on exercise rehabilitation and injury prevention. I have experience treating clients from many walks of life, and have provided massage services to a number of athletes including at sporting events.

I have a passion for keeping fit and healthy. My sporting background is in gymnastics and I spent almost 20 years involved in the sport, competing up to an elite level and representing New Zealand at many international competitions. My other hobbies include dancing, and more recently, CrossFit.