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My name is Steve Samuel and this is my testimony for Doug Maynard from Lifestyles Neuromuscular Massage!

I originally came to Doug via a recommendation from my gym instructor (Cindy) at West Wave Aquatic Centre.

I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease 5 years previously, this disorder “at worst” can be fatal & cause atrophy of muscle (wasting away) which may spread to eventually affect your respiratory system & halt your breathing altogether the rest is self-explanatory!!! After years of going through treatments of intravenous infusions every 2 – 3 weeks (much like Dialysis) my body was severely weakened through lack of muscle tone and loss of activity. Years of miss diagnosis didn’t help my situation until finally one doctor did what was necessary to come to the correct conclusion.

His solution (besides the infusions) was to keep up a routine of exercise & maybe try some alternative therapies. I was put on a “Green Prescription” and started a program at the gym. This helped boost my endorphins but the program was lacking a true knowledge of Muscular Skeletal expertise. When I was referred to Doug Maynard I was immediately set at ease knowing his history of understanding the body intimately through a hands-on approach to massage; a welcome mat I was willing to step on!

Not only do his qualifications speak volumes of his dedication to the endeavour of excellence in this field but his knowledge of how the muscles interplay to enhance your rehabilitation therapy is a gift few can give! I have been having regular sessions and found massive benefits which would not come from exercise alone. Doug has increased my ability to perform simple tasks again (which most people would take for granted); movements and abilities that I had lost which doctors had told me I would never recover again!

Doug has instilled in me again a new hope for a more positive and active future. He has proven to me, and now my specialists, that there may be hope for many of the motor related syndromes through massage therapy. I am grateful that I have had the chance to flourish under the therapy of Doug Maynard and look forward to a future of becoming increasingly more active through Lifestyles Neuromuscular Massage Therapy!


Steve Samuel

I can’t thank the staff at Lifestyles enough for the treatment they have given me.

I was having severe headaches that were not responding to prescribed medicines, with the side effects putting me off work for five weeks. Vision test, Blood tests, X-rays, Cat scans and an MRI did not locate a cause, and two doctors and a specialist decided the pain was imaginary.

I have now been having regular sessions at Lifestyles Neuromuscular Massage Therapy for a while. My head aches have subsided from 6/10 down to 1/10 or less and we have discovered what has been causing them. The massage beds are very comfortable, the linen is clean and soft and the staff are very professional.

I would thoroughly recommend Lifestyles Neuromuscular Massage Therapy to anyone with aches and pains that your doctor is not managing well, especially headaches.


Doug is playing a huge role in my rehabilitation from chronic pain. His almost encyclopaedic knowledge of musculo-skeletal systems and massage techniques, together with his diagnostic expertise, are enabling me to take significant steps towards health and a life free from pain.

A force of healing to be reckoned with!


I have had the pleasure of working with Doug Maynard from Lifestyles for close to eight years now. Running several businesses, a family and enjoying my golf are all very important to me and after several years competing in strong man events it would be safe to say my body was well beaten up with several serious injuries some resulting in surgery. Before meeting Doug and the team at Lifestyles simple physical things could become painful, then it all changed for the better we had some challenges to overcome, constant back pain, neck, and a general tightness some of it stress related, but Doug formulated a personal plan and within a short period of time I felt so much better.

The change had such an impact on my life that has continued to this day and will long into the future. To the team at Lifestyles, and more importantly to Doug Maynard, my friend, I am forever grateful to you for all your help, in allowing me to enjoy a far more rewarding, fulfilling, LIFESTYLE!

Dave Niethe

Company director

I was referred to Lifestyles by my personal trainer due to a ‘strain on my lower back’. My first consultation was with Bryan Ellis and I have now been seeing Bryan for over 3 months. Why? Since giving birth seven years ago, I have struggled to maintain the same level of fitness I was accustomed to and through Bryan’s education I have learnt, that, for me, erratic training has taken a toll on my body. I now understand that muscles can over compensate or weaken depending on the different experiences during a lifetime. His communication is very clear, he consistently follows up, monitors your progress, has a very genuine and sincere attitude to wanting to help ‘you’ enjoy quality of life. He is totally flexible, constantly provides explanations during a treatment, makes sound and practical recommendations and works with such passion, that I find I’m interested in ‘the healing process’ of the experience that I’m enduring. Thank you Bryan.